Continuity of Operations | Disaster Preparedness

Whatever the nature of a catastrophic event may be businesses must have a plan in place to ensure the continuous performance of essential functions. “FACT: According to the Institute for Business and Home Safety, an estimated 25 percent of businesses do not reopen following a major disaster.”

data_loss Small business owners invest a tremendous amount of time, money and resources to make their ventures successful, yet, many owners fail to properly plan and prepare for disaster situations.

You can protect your business by identifying the risks associated with natural and man-made disasters, and by creating a plan for action should a disaster strike. By keeping those plans updated, you can help ensure the survival of your business. RobyTech can help you identify these Risk’s and Help you develop the plans required for Continuous Operations and Disaster Recovery.

Before a disaster strikes, it is important to preserve your equipment and the business records you will need to help your business get back on track. You need to protect your Tax and Financial Records, you also need to develop Standard Checklist and Criteria for Business Recovery.

Don’t Become a statistic:

Forty percent of businesses do not reopen after a disaster and another      25 percent fail within one year according to the Federal Emergency      Management Agency (FEMA). Similar statistics from the United States Small      Business Administration indicate that over 90 percent of businesses fail      within two years after being struck by a disaster.

It is a common misconception that insurance awards and aid from      government agencies will allow merchants to pick up the pieces after a      flood, major earthquake or like disaster — many types of disasters are      not covered under normal insurance policies and aid from government agencies may be too little, too late.